While I agree with most of these (especially the last two), I do think everyone should see the Mona Lisa at least once in their lifetime (go when the Louvre is open late on Wednesday and Friday evenings). Plus the Veronese painting in the same room is not to be missed.

Alex’s montage from my window.. :)

Alex’s montage from my window.. :)

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And of course every weekend The Dolls hit the court for Paris’s LNBA pro team

And of course every weekend The Dolls hit the court for Paris’s LNBA pro team

Gala at Equinoxe :)

Codi Lexi and I went to a gala for an engineering school. Codi found a beau in the crowd…But Lexi and I were much happier partying stage-side with the lighting crew :)
Video to follow

Codi Lexi and I went to a gala for an engineering school. Codi found a beau in the crowd…But Lexi and I were much happier partying stage-side with the lighting crew :)

Video to follow

Could not be more identical to my friend Zoé!!! Love..

Could not be more identical to my friend Zoé!!! Love..

AUP Answered

Hi, I’m Anna. My phone interview went well and I got accepted about a week ago, naturally I am really excited! I’m from Germany but go to an American high school. Do you like living in Paris? Is it everything you hoped it would be? how is the living situation? Are the living conditions clean and worth the money? Do you feel like you are getting the education you had hoped for? I grew up in Europe and i want to continue living here but i want an American Uni education. If i went to AUP i think i would study psychology. Are you a native French speaker or are you learning it by living there? does every student have to take french? sorry i am bombarding you with questions but i’m really interested. Are there more open days in the spring? Thank you for answering!! 

That’s so cool! My sister’s name is Anna. Congratulations on your acceptance!! That’s exciting! What part of Germany are you from? I have a couple friends from Munich and Frankfurt and they argue over which is the best city :p

I love living in Paris, it’s really anything you want it to be. The architecture and people are beautiful, there are tons of parks and cafes de vivre la vie boheme, and of course world class nightlife :) Downside is getting used to living in a different country - you don’t always know where to find something specific or who to call (and I hate conversing in french over the phone)…But overall its great, its really what you make it.

The living options are homestay, apartment, or the new dorms. I have a studio and I love it - its tiny but it has an elevator and view of the tower and invalides. My friend did a homestay and it was pretty awful (although I’m sure not all of them are like that) the woman was really abrasive and rude and threw her out one night (my friend is like the sweetest girl ever). So she ended up getting her own apartment as well. The dorms are modern, new, and good for meeting new people, but they’re quite removed from AUP’s neighborhood and my friend said she’s always commuting because there’s not that much to do in the dorm neighborhood. Paris is super expensive but most people I know pay between 500-900 euros for cute apartments that have everything we need - just got to make your list of priorities! The landlords have generally worked with AUP for years so they trust us and are very helpful and kind.

I definitely feel like I’m getting an education at AUP - there tends to be one stinker class each semester that I’m not very impressed with (not the right fit or right prof for my learning style) but overall the professors are worldclass - just geniuses - and they all have their own style but really teach well. My only frustration is that there are some kids at our school who clearly don’t value it the way others do, so they’re like…sleeping in the back of the classroom or going out for smoke breaks in the middle of a lecture. Obviously there are some profs that don’t put up with it, but its my biggest pet peeve ever, cuz I’m really there to learn. And also the experience with different view points and dicussions in the classroom (and independently all over the city) is really important and something unique and special that AUP offers.

That’s really cool that you’ll study psyc, especially in this international environment it’d really set you apart in your future career!

I came in with 3 years of high school french at a conversational level. AUP requires everyone to take a french placement test at the beginning of the year and get sorted into beginning, intermediate, or high level french courses. I was placed into FR 235 which is the high level (or last you need as a requirement) and I feel pretty fluent (although I definitely should be practicing more). Everyone is required to complete courses up through 235 for graduation or test out of it completely by having a french bac. You use french in the city, but only if you’re actively going out and seeking conversation. AUP’s language is really english, so a lot of kids get stuck in the bubble :p

Here’s the calendar: http://www.aup.edu/main/academics/calendar.htm

I know it doesn’t have Fall ‘13 on there yet, but the spring schedule is what you can expect for most years! We get two weeks of break (this year they’re together, last year they were separated by a few weeks of class) And Easter off…and several other holidays. You can design your course schedule so that you have mondays or fridays off usually, so long weekends every weekend! :)

Hope this helped - keep in touch!! 



Hard drink in a dark bar

After completing 10 page research papers for our favorite professor - mindnumbing hours in the library painstakingly flipping through countless books on media in hopes of SOMETHING to use…only to know that our papers would get ripped to shreds by the impossible to please prof - Codi and I needed a drink.

Plus she had recently broken up with her bf of 2 years and it was time to get a pocket full of numbers


We hit St Michel on saturday night to stop by our favorite sports bar for happy hour - sweet drinks and lots of gentlemen. The bar also happens to be called “The Gentleman”. 

The crowd was segrated at tables which made it pretty hard to mingle, so we dipped out after cosmos and shots

Next we hit up Ze Bar, a nightclub bar combo that usually hits it out of the park. But I hate it when the whole room is watching you but nobody attractive makes a move. They just play cat and mouse until I get bored and want to leave. 

Anyway, two slimey guys tried to get us to go to the club with them. Here’s the short version:

"Comment t’appelles tu? (to me)

"Samantha" (making hard eyes at Codi)

"Can we take you out to a club around here?"

"No I think we’re going to stay…thanks though"

"Can I get your number?"

Codi: “We don’t have phones..” (Phones are sitting on the table)

"Then what are those"

(Codi makes a face) “Those are to uh, call our parents back in the US”


 And then a cute guy Codi had been eyeing came to our table, turns out he was a Gendarme (I almost fainted, having a particular affinity for Pompiers) and gave Codi his number.

We finished the evening at my favorite egyptian hookah bar in Bastille, with mint tea and the feeling only this type of night can produce - good..good..good.


While there are a lot of things in Paris to gripe about, expats just love to whine about how much they miss Mexican food. However, expats need to shut their enchilada holes and realize that Parisians don’t do Mexican food (I’m sorry but cactus/candelaria/mexi&co just don’t cut it), so stop trying to make it happen here. There are a few things inherently wrong with Mexican cuisine for the French: strike one is it lacks butter but demands deep frying, strike two is that corn is the staple, and the final nail in the cuisine coffin is that it’s spicy, the French palate is so weak that even ketchup makes their eyes water. Parisians also hate eating with their hands—whether it be dipping chips, holding a huge drippy taco, tostada, fajita, taquito—Dios mio, keep it at a fourchette’s length! There’s simply nothing polite about the consumption of a monster california super mega grande carne burrito, the closest Parisians come to such savagery is an elegantly folded crepe with a three filling limit. You wouldn’t go to Guadalajara and expect to find a perfect tradition, so why would you reckon the reverse. If you want Mexican food go to Mexico because the French Mexican’t.

oh so true. Shame

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Stay in bed with your beautiful french man

Stay in bed with your beautiful french man

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